Psychic School – Week 13: Apologies, Thank-Yous, and Why Is This So Hard?


(Hello from Heaven, Archangel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue)


So I missed week 12 due to illness, and turned up to this week feeling a little spacey but ready to work.

Some of you that know me in real life, will know that my cat Hugo died whilst I was sick.

He’d been unwell for a few weeks, and I knew that he was dying.

During our meditation to begin the class, my guide brought Hugo’s spirit in.

He thanked me for looking after him – for the little things I did when he was ill.

As if that wasn’t tear-jerking enough, during a reading with a member of the group, both our fathers came through to offer apologies about complex family situations.

It is the first time in a number of months that I have conducted a Mediumship reading for another.

Psychic School had a break over the summer, and even though I meditate and connect with my guides everyday, I haven’t read on a Mediumship level since the end of last term.

I forget how hard it is. 

Yes it can be energetically and physically very hard work, yes it can also be hard to make sure that we work ethically.

However, sometimes what just hits me is how overwhelmingly important this work is.

When you receive the kind of message that I got this week for the person I sat for, it is intense on a level that is almost impossible to articulate.

Spirits of passed on loved ones will sometimes come through with the most profound and life changing things.

That is a lot of energy for little old me to hold!

This week I left class thinking, I can do the psychic thing, that’s ‘easy’ – but can I really be a Medium? Could I really do this for people on the regular?

It is so hard!!!!!!!

When I got home, I went up to my bedroom with a peppermint tea (and some biscuits) and glanced over at the cards I had pulled for myself in my morning ritual.

I’d forgotten I’d pulled the one above upon waking that morning.

Looks like doing this work may be on my agenda for a little bit longer!

Much love Txx

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