Last Night’s Dream: Zombie Apocalypse

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Yes really!

A few nights ago I had a dream that I was in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

It appeared that I was with a few people who I knew well, and we were walking down a lonely road trying to avoid the attention of zombies scattered ahead.

Though I have watched many films that have this exact kind of theme, I have not watched one recently.

I am in the habit of remembering my dreams, and I am able to discern the symbols in the dream and ascertain what it is trying to tell me, in much the same way I do in meditation.

I knew instantly upon waking that this dream was showing me what is going on for me on an internal level.

I am going through a massive change, a death of my old self, which manifested in the symbol of a zombie.

The world as I know it has ended, as I now see existence completely different.

So though a part of me has died, I am still living and my life is now post-apocalyptic!

The dream was so scary that I had to sleep with my light on afterwards, and I spent a long time in the early hours of the morning working out what the dream meant for me, and looking it up on google too just to make sure!

In that way the dream was oddly reassuring, I really have crossed a threshold.

This really is new life for me.

Have you ever had any dreams that you just knew meant something important?

Much love Txx

One thought on “Last Night’s Dream: Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Wow. That is powerful symbolism! I definitely think significant dreams help our subconscious process some monumental changes for us. Since I started honoring that, I tend to remember them more often as well.

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