Psychic School – Week 14: The Secrets We Keep

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I have learnt the art of keeping things secret perhaps a little bit late in life.

My M.O has always been one of being exceptionally open with others about what I am doing.

Lately though, I have learnt to scale that back quite a large amount, and enjoy growing projects and dreams without outside input unless I really want/need it.

But there is another category of secret.

The kinds of deep and dark family secret that we all have lurking somewhere in our DNA.

It is sometimes those secrets that our passed on loved ones would like to talk about.

This week whilst reading for another person in the development circle, I was given an image and set of words describing something the sitter in front of me had no clue about.

I soon came to realize that it was a secret that had been kept in her family, and literally taken to the grave of the person who had transitioned.

In these situations, as a Medium I find it very hard to know whether to divulge the secret or not.

It is not my secret to tell, and yet as a Channel for spirit it is my duty to relay the messages that I am receiving.

So tricky!

I believe in delivering all of my spiritual readings with the utmost compassion – but they need to be absolutely true to what I am receiving.

In the end I simply said what I saw/heard/felt – the sitter did not understand, but maybe she will in time.

Sometimes we find it hard to hear the things we do not want to hear, so though I did tell her the secret exactly as it was relayed to me – she could not hear it.

It seemed too far beyond what she had believed to be true all of these years. 

It got me thinking how important it is to be honest with each other, even about the most awful of things.

We take these unresolved issues with us when we die, and so it is absolutely imperative that we try to keep things as ‘clean’ as we possibly can, for all those involved.

Mediumship is primarily about proof of survival, proof that our spirit survives this lifetime.

Our secrets survive also. 

Much love Txx

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