Times of Transition


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So I have been very quiet on the blog lately it feels, but that is because I have been rather busy making stuff happen.

I am in the middle of a massive period of transition, and I have chosen to do it as quietly and as methodically as I possibly can.

This does not mean that I am without fear, panic and anxiety.

I am most certainly feeling anxious about the changes taking place –  but excited too!

Once everything is in place, I will be sharing more with you about it all, but I just wanted to check in, and ask how all of you lovely readers deal with transitional periods in your life?

Do you fret? Do you withdraw?

I am trying to deal with changes better, and in a loving way to myself and others.

Are you on a journey to do the same?

Thinking of you all during this seasonal transition, and all of the many changes you may be going through.

Because you see, it is often in the space between where we are now, and where we will be that is the toughest space to tolerate.


Sending you big hugs and love Txx

4 thoughts on “Times of Transition

  1. I can truly relate to this feeling, Toni-Ann. I am in a similar place, and I recognize my anxiety is arising from my unfamiliarity with this new place I am going. Trying not to let that fear become paralyzing but welcoming it in as I keep moving. So much easier said than done… I am writing a lot in my journal (not sharing it all) and trying to trust the unfolding.

  2. I find myself resisting change and transition until I figure out that that’s what it is. Then it’s as if my whole world gives a collective sigh, “OOOOOH! That’s what this is all about. Okay. I can breathe and just be now.” It’s those first few days or sometimes weeks of resistance that make life so very hard. Perhaps with awareness I’ll shorten those resistance periods even more.

    1. What an interesting perspective. It’s as if once you can identify that it is simply change/transition you are able to deal with it – as though naming the unknown makes it easier to flow with. I think I struggle to even acknowledge that I am resistant. I just bury my hand in the sand and the anxiety rises until I start confronting what I can do to make the process a little easier. For me that always looks like doing what I can do and leaving what I have no control over as of yet. Thank you!

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