Psychic School – Week 15: Who To Trust?

This week we dove straight into working with our spirit guides, something I have been increasing in my everyday life.

We called forth each one of our guides to deliver a message to the circle, and then split off into pairs for individual messages.

This was our chance to try Trance Mediumship, something that actually comes very naturally to me.

Working on the Trance level is about entering into a light/deep trancelike state and allowing a spirit to talk though you – rather than you relaying what a spirit is telling you.

This is sometimes a fine line for me, as I can often enter into an altered state whilst relaying messages, or simply reading the Tarot.

In this session we were setting out to allow our spirit guide to speak in their own words.

I loved doing this! This is totally my comfort zone!

However I noticed how much my fellow circle members struggled to just let their guide speak for them.

It is the ultimate in trust and surrender to allow another to come through you.

I realised that unless you trusted your guide very much to be safe and all about the higher good – this may be impossible.

I asked two separate members to give me advice from their guides about the same question.

I received two very different answers that only served to confuse me.

When you allow your guide to speak through you the messages are so crystal clear and loving there is no question that it could be your own imagination and conjurings.

I am very close to my guide as I have been consciously working with him for a very long time now and trust him completely. He did not disappoint in this session and delivered direct, clear and compassionate messages for the sitters.

One of the reasons I trust him is because of all the guidance he’s given me that has been spot on.

I have had nothing short of miraculous events happen that help to keep my faith strong.

However it is a two way process.

You have to extend initial trust to see if that spirit is safe to trust.

This means a constant process of discernment and protection – the bones of Mediumship of any kind, and actually the foundation of any kind of relationship we have as humans.

Sometimes it is only through allowing yourself to trust another that you will see if they deserve your trust.

Using discernment when choosing who to let into your life, whilst continuing to protect your heart and physical body through strong and loving boundaries is the only way to know who to trust.

Much love Txx

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