An Angel’s Touch

person holding white feather in selective focus photography

Photo by Lisa Fotios on



A couple of days ago I went to a healing clinic to receive some energy healing.

During the 20 minute session I felt and saw the presence of an Angel in front of me.

This manifested as simply a hazy kind of white light in a rough oval shape.

The feeling was simply of knowing that an Angel was in front of me.

I received comfort and reassurance from this energy, and understood that they were  a plural energy, though they appeared as only one.

I then felt the very real physical sensation of a feather stroking my arm.

Over and over again it stroked me.

Once the healing session was over, I mentioned to the therapist that I was a Medium in development, and that I’d felt an Angelic presence.

I explained feeling the feather on my arm and asked if she had stroked me with something as part of the session.

She confirmed that she had not.

What I felt was the touch of an Angel.

Much love Xxx

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