Psychic School – Week 16: The Magic Happened

white goose on body of water

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This week I did eight ‘blind’ readings of ten minutes in length for my fellow circle members.

We were paired with someone, and had to keep our eyes closed so as not to know who we were reading for.

We then had to read for this person for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, we were given a new person to read for, still with our eyes closed, and this continued until we had read for 4 people.

I should have only had to read for 4 people and then have readings done for me, but in order that the tutor did not read for us, I volunteered to be a reader for a second round.

When I say ‘read’ I mean tune into the energy of the person in front of me, and use my psychic skills, as well as allowing any Spirits, Angels, or my Guide to come in with information.

Honestly, the whole experience was something I can only describe as magical. 

I love reading with my eyes closed. I feel as though I can enter into an altered state much more easily, and that all of my senses – physical and intuitive – are heightened.

The messages seemed to flow effortlessly, and I felt energized by the whole experience, despite feeling very tired before I started.

When I received feedback at the end from everyone I had read for, I was amazed at the accuracy of the messages I relayed.

I receive a lot of my psychic impressions in the form of symbols, hearing song lyrics and pictures in my mind’s eye.

These impressions do not always make much sense to me, but I dutifully relay in the most articulate way I can.

This session I had one of the sweetest confirmations of what I saw.

At the end of a reading in which I received a clear vision of the sitter being in a zoo, I pictured a swan floating along a lake calmly.

I intuitively knew that this meant she has a period of deep tranquility to look forward to after various challenges.

When she gave me feedback she expressed feeling glad that this would be the case, but also let me know that her nickname since she was a child has been “Swannie”.

That swan I saw was her.

Gliding effortlessly.

How beautiful!

Much love Txx


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