focus photography of black bird

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I have become super interested in spirit animals lately, as I have begun to notice just how much nature is in constant contact with us.

(I will soon be buying this new card deck , and can start giving weekly animal messages for you all!)

I have written on this blog about spirit animals before, as recently I have become aware of a number of different animals entering my life at just the right time.

Lately the Raven has been showing up for me repeatedly.

He flew past me in the park and stopped me in my tracks. 

I don’t think I have ever noticed/seen a Raven before this Autumn, and here was the most splendid one swooping low beside me.

The reason this felt significant was that a few weeks before, I had a dream of the exact same scene, except it was an Eagle.

Then I spotted Ravens in every park I walked round.

Finally I sat down in my chair at my Mediumship Development course and there outside the window – Raven sat.

I said to a fellow circle member :

“What is that?! Is that a Raven?”

I couldn’t quite believe that there he was again.




When Raven comes to us, his is a message about change and transformation that can only be found by confronting our shadow sides.

In this way, the Raven’s message is one of healing.

I am finding that Raven is asking me to heal things that have been buried inside of me for a very long time.

Raven knows that a lot is about to change in my life, and he wants me to move forward as lightly as possible.

Maybe it will be then that I soar like the Eagle in my dream!

However,  I will carry the wisdom and love of Raven always, as he came to me just when I needed him the most.


Much love Txx


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