“Will I Ever Meet Anyone?” – The Question I Am Asked The Most.

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I have only been conducting Tarot/Mediumship readings for people for about 2 years now.

I still don’t advertise myself as a Tarot reader as much as I could, and I have only done one formal Mediumship reading outside of my regular development circle. (Though mediumship and working on the psychic intuitive level forms a large part of every reading I do)

In the past two years, I have read for approximately 11 different people, though many of them come to me for repeat readings ( I advise leaving 6 months at least inbetween.)

For many years even before I became tuned into my higher purpose, I have acted as the person who family and friends turn to for advice and guidance.

Now that I have begun to develop as a lightworker, I have come to realise that one of the things people want to know the most is:

“Will I ever meet anyone?”

They want to know if they will be ‘alone’ forever, if the right person is destined to cross their path, if they will have a companion, a lover, a life partner.

I start by reassuring the person that simply by the fact they have asked the question, they will for sure meet someone.

If we are open to love, love will find us.

However, love may find us repeatedly.

We may meet one person, one person after another, or many people at once.

As for that right one?

With every person that is not the right one, we walk a step closer to who is.

Sometimes a person who appeared not to be right, can be right down the line.

Sometimes that person will always not be the right one.

But really in truth, every one is the right one, because they take you a step closer to what’s right for you.

Everyone you meet takes you closer to who you are.

In periods where you feel like you are not meeting anyone, I wholeheartedly believe the period of being ‘alone’ is so that you can learn to love and look after yourself – even if you think you can already, there is always room for growth.

I keep putting the word ‘alone’ in inverted commas – this is because we are never alone.

Many of us have friends and family who love us, many of us believe we are loved by spirits and God and Angels.

This type of love is no less fulfilling than the romantic love we are all seeking.

So my answer to you is:

“Yes, yes you will meet someone – but through this process, you will find that the one has been with you all along. That one is you”

Much love Txx

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