Psychic School: Week 17 – Fathers


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This week due to a few absences, the development circle was completely made up of women.

The circle leader brought in a photo encased in an envelope, and we had to intuit what the photo was of.

A few of us picked up that the photo had something to do with the leader’s father. (It was in fact a photo of her father and his car.)

We then split off into pairs and conducted mediumship readings for each other, and a lot of our parents in spirit –  fathers in particular –  stepped forward to communicate.

What I want to talk about this week however did not take place in this room.

One of the main events of my life that hinted at my natural Mediumship ability, was the death of my father almost 9 years ago.

As many people experience after the death of a loved one, I felt his presence acutely over those first few days and weeks, and often had dreams where he was communicating with me.

However these experiences did not cease after that initial period of time, instead becoming clearer and more profound.

Today I want to tell you the story of when my Dad (in spirit) visited me in a flat I was living in.

This is a story that very few people know, and now I am telling the world! (or at least the small percentage of the world that read this blog)

I thought it important to share because this experience is a large part of why I am developing my skills as a Medium.

So I was living alone for the very first time, in a flat in Wales away from all my friends and family about 4 years ago now.

I had moved there knowing absolutely no one in the city to take up a new job, and get to know some new people. (I love the adventure of being somewhere new on my own)

I developed this strange habit of getting up once in the night, and peeking through the peep hole from my apartment to the communal hallway outside.

I was not entirely sure why I did this at the time, but looking back I understand that it was because I was sensing a presence that I could not see. 

It was like I was just checking to make sure no one was outside my flat waiting to jump me in the night!

One night, I got up to do this and stopped myself, thinking:

“Don’t be so silly!”


Fast-forward to the next morning and I am getting ready for work.

Something inside of me tells me to glance at the door with the peep hole.

Whereas when I went to bed the peephole was covered over, when I looked that morning, the peephole was uncovered. 

This is when the psychic clairs  I was not even aware of at that point kicked in, and I knew  (clairsentience) beyond any shadow of a doubt that my Dad had took it upon himself to check the hallway outside of my flat that night.

I heard (clairaudience) the phrase in my head:


“I am looking out for you”


Initially I was comforted. I carried on with my morning routine.

It was only after getting into work and settling down at my desk that it truly hit me what I had experienced, and what that meant.

I had a full on emotional breakdown.

A colleague listened to me talk about it, and reassured me that it was nothing to be scared of, mentioning experiences that she too had had with passed on loved ones.

On my way home that night I dreaded returning to the flat and seeing things I did not want to see.

I spoke to a close friend to calm myself.

It was only later on that I realised the one thing I had done differently that night.

Not only had I not got up to check the peephole, I also had said good-night to my father aloud.

I have a photo of him that I keep close to me wherever I am living.

That night before I locked up for bed, I had said:


“Goodnight Daddy”


What is noteworthy about this experience is not the spirit communication per se, but the length of time that had passed since his death. (Almost 5 years).

This was not the imaginings of a grieving mind. 

This was simply my father looking out for me, as he continues to do now for me and my whole family.

What struck me during this week’s psychic school session was just how protective fathers are of their daughters.

We may have never known our fathers, or grown up with them.

We may not have even known who are father was – yet after death, they continue to want to protect us.

How beautiful.

Much love Txx
















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