Spirit Animal – The Otter

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com



Last night I had the most strange dream.

I was in my back garden and became surrounded by otters and water.

I woke up and wrote the word ‘Otter’ on a blank text on my phone, and on my way to work this morning I looked up the spiritual significance of the Otter as spirit animal.

The energy of the Otter is about having fun, relaxing and moving forward in life, letting go of the past.

As I saw water in my dream, this need to go with the flow is even further highlighted.

I also heard the otters in my dream making wild sounds – this signifies the importance of feeling heard.

There were family members in my dream, and we were in the back garden of my family home, suggesting the need to work together with family members in allowing life to flow.

There was also an element of fear and panic present, as I was trying hard to point out the fact that there were otters in the back garden.

I had climbed up onto a pole in order to keep from being submerged in the water.

I need to o allow change to happen and not panic in the process.

I need to remember to keep things lighthearted, and be mindful of the things I cannot change vs what I can change.

My first thoughts upon waking were about the need to stay grounded amidst lots of change.

So in what is set to be a very busy end to this year, I have to remember the energy of the Otter.

Much love Txx

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