Aligning With Your Destiny

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Soon I will tell you, my little blog community, about a change I am making.

For now, all I will say is that these next two weeks are pivotal for my life’s journey.

Ever notice when you are about to do something big – people and situations pop up in order to challenge you?

This is because The Universe is checking if you are truly ready to move forward, to do something different, to take a stand, to live in alignment with your destiny.

Living in alignment with your destiny is a most magical way to live.

Things will happen that you could never have foreseen.

It is also scary though, as you allow life to unfold, and it does so in ways that are unexpected.

Underneath a seemingly outward chaos, you will sense that you are on the correct path and literally feel the stars aligning.

For about the last month, I have been feeling the most odd way.

I wake up in the morning and feel as though there is another me, waking up somewhere else, in another dimension and living another life.

I can feel this other me, urging me on to meet her.

In these next few weeks, I start the journey.

All the best Txx

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