Last Night’s Meditation – Stop Witholding


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So yesterday I got back on the meditation wagon after about two weeks of feeling too stressed out/anxious/excited about upcoming changes to actually quiet my mind when not in Psychic School. (For those of you that don’t know, I am a Medium in development)

Yesterday with the help of Deepak Chopra and long journeys across London for work, I meditated.

What came through was a message about withholding.

As I sat on the train home and closed my eyes, an Angelic presence stepped in – reminding me that though it felt like one, it was in fact many.

(This is a message I keep receiving, that an Angel is not necessarily one entity but can also be a collective presence.)

I received the baffling words:

“If you give a dog a bone they will suck and play, if you give a dog a piece of meat it will sit down and feast.”


One of the most bizarre messages I have received yet!

But then I just knew what it meant.

If we refuse to give of ourselves completely to new opportunities out of fear, distrust and negative past experiences, we will never fully reap the benefits.

If we give half to someone/something we will receive half.

How simple.

Is there somewhere you have been withholding in your life?

Can you use the energy of the dog to sniff out who is worthy of your time, your loyalty and attention, then welcome that with open arms?

I am going to try!

Much love Txx

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