My Last Week at Psychic School: “When Is The Wedding?”

So I walked into this week’s session with a box of chocolates for my fellow circle members.

I will be moving away from London shortly, (more on this to come) and so will no longer take part in weekly development circles at the College of Psychic Studies.

I will be continuing my mediumship development in the new city I am moving to, and I will be continuing on as a member of the College, attending weekend workshops and events as much as possible.

As I sat down in this, my last session, I chatted with the other members about my upcoming move.

A lady who is as incredibly psychically powerful, as she is modest, asked me casually as anything:

“So when is the wedding?”

I am not engaged to be married, in fact I’ve been single for a couple of years, yet in this kind of setting no word uttered is a mistake.

I’ve always known that I will get married.

This is despite not feeling this certainty with the other ‘big’ life things such as having children for instance, or even where I would live for the long term.

I’ve always felt that even if it takes a life time I will find the man I am supposed to walk through the rest of my life with.

I’ve never been inclined to go searching for this mystery man, but have always preferred to allow the Divine to bring in who was needed for my growth at that time.

Every relationship I’ve ever been in, has been with people that I wanted to marry at that time.

Fast forward to now and I am eternally grateful I did not marry them!

I now know that the person who aligns with me in a healthy way is still out there somewhere, because who I have become would have been miserable tied to any of those men from the past.

So as I prepare to take some major leaps of faith, I know that this unknown I’m walking into holds fruit I cannot even imagine as of yet.

Will a wedding be part of that?! You bet ya it will šŸ™‚

In the meantime I am wholly committed to me.

To my spiritual journey.

To my self love and growth.

To being a light in the world for others.

In this way I’m married already.

Much love Txx

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