Healing Wounds From The Past

The other day I met up with a very old friend, got pretty drunk, and scraped my knee by tripping over a higher than normal kerb.

No, this was not my finest moment.

The cut was not very painful, just sore and took it’s time to heal.

I understand now that it is taking the exact amount of time to heal physically, as it is taking me to process emotionally my wounds from the past surrounding this person.

It got me thinking.

Sometimes we have to open up wounds from the past in order to truly heal them.

I had shoved many past pains aside and tried to bury them.

Yet the effects of these pains were causing havoc in my life precisely because I didn’t want to look at them.

They were like naughty children, out of sight but causing untold destruction.

Digging them out to have a fresh look was jarring to say the least.

However now the wounds can truly heal as a bit of air always speeds up the process.

Is there anything you are too scared to deeply examine in your life?

Perhaps shedding some fresh light on it, though painful at first, might bring about some profound healing.

Much love Txx

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