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This was a tricky post to think about writing for all kinds of reasons.

Mostly its hard to write because I am still processing the profoundness of it all.

But here goes:

Recently I went to a Medium for my very first full reading. 

Yes, despite conducting readings for others, I very rarely ever get a formal reading for myself.

However sometimes you need the objectivity of another, and so I enjoyed an hour of listening to someone else guide me through a time of great transition.

One of the things I am yet to fully write about on the blog, is that in 2 days time I am moving over 200 miles away from my home city to the north of England.

At one point the medium I saw mentioned the word Juniper when we were talking about potential places I should be looking to live in the city.

She said:

“Is there an area called Juniper”?

There isn’t that I know of, but the word stuck in my mind.

Fast forward to last weekend.

I went up to my new city to view some places to live. As I approached the first house that I was booked to view,  I passed a coffee shop called Junipers.

It is no surprise that after viewing 5 properties that day, my favorite one, and the place I will be moving to – is the first house right around the corner from Junipers. 

That’s not even the half of it though. 

I have a myriad of experiences/synchronicity like this, things that my Guide has told me, messages I have received from my higher self, Angels that have reassured me. Dreams that are prophetic.

So many things that I wonder why I still have doubts about anything!

But that is the human condition, it’s why having faith is such a feat for many.

So I just wanted to share this with you, the fact that if you are listening, not just with your ears but with your heart, and looking closely not just with your eyes but through your connection to spirit – you will begin to ascertain a fine, almost translucent thread weaving all of your life together.

Much love Txx

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