What Do You Value?


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So I have very recently moved city and spent a lot of time prior looking for somewhere to live.

I had one day viewing about 5 properties that were all extremely different  in terms of size, if I would be sharing with anyone, how many people I would be sharing with etc. Not to mention location and general feel of the place.

It made me get very real, very fast about what it is I truly value, not just in a place to live, but in life. 

There was one property in particular that was absolutely stunning in its aesthetic.

 As a person who loves staying in hotels this house had it all. It felt and looked like a luxury guesthouse.

But that was not want I want from a home. 

Home for me is about having a sanctuary. A place that you feel completely comfortable in, that you are able to properly relax in without any worries about having to look a certain way.

I absolutely prioritize substance over style.

I realized that I value substance over style in every area of my life.

Though I appreciate things (and people!) that are physically beautiful, I am not blinded by beauty, and this is something I am very proud of.

With things like Instagram, and beauty advertisements, we are all conditioned to place the way something looks at the top of our importance checklist.

But what about the way something/someone makes us feel?

The night before viewings, a friend that was helping me look at all the places, asked me what my criteria was.

Top of my list was how the place and people living there made me feel. 

As a psychic medium I place a lot of emphasis and trust in how I feel about situations and people.

I didn’t always have good judgement –  this is something that through the last few years of my life I have built up like a muscle.

I also rely on guidance from my spiritual team as they can often see all the things we cannot.

Feeling my way through life like this is sometimes a scary thing, but it aligns with my core values.

It is scary because I cannot always rely on the things I see, I understand that all that glitters is not always gold.

What do you value in your life?

What choices are you making on a day to day basis to really honor that?

Much love Txx

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