A Note About Tomorrow’s Full Moon In Gemini: Choices In Love

Well it’s been a minute since I’ve written a blog post!

I’ve been super busy moving city and starting a new job.

Through it all though I have continued to work at staying grounded, and as I felt emotions swell these last few days, I knew the Full Moon was on its way.

This Full Moon falls in the air sign of Gemini, a sign notoriously represented by twins and famed for its duality.

In the Tarot, Gemini is represented by the Major Arcana card The Lovers – this is a card not just about love, but also about choices and decisions.

In some earlier decks the card was actually called The Choice.

So this Full Moon time we are being called to look at our relationships.

I am going to be specific here and point out that in this case I do believe it to be about the romantic relationship in our life – or indeed the lack of one.

The Lovers is only one of a few cards in the Tarot directly pertaining to a loving connection.

However it is most certainly the most passionate.

I am always drawn to the fact that the two figures appear naked – they are blessed with vulnerability and see each other as they truly are.

In reality these kinds of relationships where the other completely sees you can be actually quite uncomfortable.

This Full Moon we are being asked to step into the discomfort.

Where have you been afraid to share your feelings?

Are you having a hard time admitting something to yourself about your current relationship? Is it just that you want a relationship?

The Lovers can be a challenging energy.

We risk alot when we enter into union with another, but we also stand to gain some of the most beautiful things life has to offer.

Are you ready to look at the choices you are making in love?

Much love Txx

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