Last Night’s Meditation – What You Believe About Yourself

So today’s insight from my meditation practice, comes from a meditation that took place at my last Psychic School session.

We start each session with a guided meditation in order to raise our vibration to ‘work’.

During this meditation I received a clear message about manifestation.

I was told that we manifest from our solar plexus, that it is from our own self belief that we make things happen for ourselves.

Therefore if we deem ourselves to be unworthy, this will show up to meet us.

If others deem us to be unworthy and we internalize this – signs of our perceived unworthiness will show up for us.

The Law of Attraction has always seemed oversimplified to me.

I don’t believe that we pull in or are responsible for every bad thing that happens to us. (Or every good thing for that matter)

However how we choose to show up to everyday is largely about what we believe about ourselves.

If we don’t believe we are beautiful enough for a partner, how can we ever trust anyone else to see that beauty?

If at our core we feel shame and angst, then of course we will attract more shame and angst.

Showing up to each and every day with an open heart and a commitment to doing your very best, will bring you better circumstances regardless of what has happened to you in the past, or your material or physical heath.

This is not about being perfect, or blaming those in less fortunate circumstances – this is about understanding that all anyone of us has for sure is the present moment, making the most of that will lead to happiness even if just for fleeting seconds.

Of course we cannot live on happy cloud each and every day. Life is hard and tough.

But if we believe that we are worthy of experiencing even the tiniest of joy, we can watch it show up.

Much love Txx

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