A Note About Tomorrow’s New Moon in Sagittarius: Staying Balanced.

crescent moon

Photo by Flickr on Pexels.com



This month began with lots of excitement for me, it was my birthday at the end of November, and as we sit firmly in Sagittarius season – my sun sign – I have been feeling pretty energetic.

Yet at the same time as having really weird amounts of energy despite ALL I was doing socially – the last few days have ushered in a kind of imposed period of reflection and solitude.

Exactly what I need I am sure, but not necessarily what I want.

It’s Christmas time and I am feeling incredibly excited about the season, more so than I have in many years.

This must be because I am feeling a happiness that is deeply solid, as I have moved into places within and outside of myself, that have led to greater levels of alignment.

But I am being urged to stay balanced, and it is this energy that we see with the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 7th December (UK).

The Tarot card of Temperance is the card of Sagittarius, and shows an Angel indulged in an alchemical process.


(Temperance, Rider Waite Smith Tarot – Image taken from Wikipedia)


She has one foot on land and one foot in water, she is completely in balance whilst she creates.

Sometimes this can feel as though we are taking a step back, when we are called to do the opposite of what we may want to do.

In these next few days look carefully for areas in your life where you can pull back, or move forwards – the key is to do the absolutely opposite of what you have been doing. 

Even if it feels unnatural at first, it will lead to greater levels of balance.

So if like me, you have been very social of late, take some time out for yourself.

If you have been cooped up inside staying warm – brave the cold for a little walk.

If it’s been ages since you’ve done some exercise, go ahead a do a little.

Similarly if you have been pushing yourself at the gym – let it all go for a minute.

As we close out the year, we really do need to be closing down our energies a little – winding down, taking it easy.

This is again the opposite of what the Christmas season can demand of us.

I urge you to keep yourself in balance at this time, in anyway that you can, little or big.

Temperance also comes with a warning about indulging in alcohol! Can you vow to drink a little less this Christmas season?!

Much love Txx

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