Thank You… For Epiphanies


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So today I continue with posting one thing I am thankful for each day all the way up until the New Year.

Today I am thankful for the human ability to experience an Epiphany. 

You know, when something you have been wandering about/struggling with for a long time seems to just spontaneously resolve itself?

This happened to me over the weekend, and I am so thankful for that.

Sometimes it can feel as though there are blocks upon blocks in front of the very thing we seem to want.

It can be hard to understand why this thing is being kept from us, though deep down we may suspect it is for our highest good.

This weekend I found out exactly why something wasn’t happening, which spurred on an instant Epiphany – wonderful!

The freedom I felt was enlightening, and I can move forward now with so much more peace.

Have you ever had a Epiphany like this?

Are you thankful for it?

I was getting hints all along from my Guides and Angels in regards to this Epiphany but I simply wasn’t ready for it until a few days ago.

Maybe this post will trigger something similar in you?

Is there something you know deep down that you could bring up for some light?

Much love Txx

4 thoughts on “Thank You… For Epiphanies

  1. It is a rare moment of beauty when we experience an epiphany like this. For me it seems to happen in that glorious moment of surrender when I give up trying to explain things logically. What a gift to cultivate.

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