Thank You… For My Connection To Spirit


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I sometimes take it for granted how strong of a connection I have to Spirit.

Even before I started doing the spiritual work I now do, I have always spent each night and morning in prayer.

Now I connect even more to Spirit, and work with it to live my life each and every day in the best possible way I can – for myself and others.

Occasionally I will go through periods of extreme resistance.

There will be something I want, or something I am ignoring, and I will feel slightly disconnected from Spirit.

This is never because Spirit has left me – it is always because I am not listening.

I have recently come out of one of these periods, and I am stronger spiritually than ever before.

These moments test your faith. 

Why is it that what we want and wholeheartedly deserve is not showing up for us in the exact way that we desire?

This is always a form of protection for us, even if it does not feel like it. This is always because if we can see the gift,and keep on a path that is unsure, we will always experience better in the future.

This week I have really come into a deep knowing about how much Spirit protects me.

I have also understood just how much Spirit is constantly whispering to me about my higher purpose, the higher agenda behind everything showing up in my life.

So today I am grateful beyond words for this connection I have with Spirit.

I am thankful for being able to make this such a large part of my life, and to be able to share it with you my readers and everyone who touches my life.

Because after all, we are all Spirit too.

Much love Txx

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