Thank You…For Family (Whatever That Looks Like For You)



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So it is Christmas Eve, and today we have the obligatory(!) message about how grateful I am to have family in my life.

But, yes, I am sincerely grateful – even taking into account all the conflict and issues.

I am blessed with a relatively normal family. No major trauma present, no major secrets and shadows.

I say normal here with a large pinch of stuffing because absolutely no family is normal.

But I am grateful that we are a solid unit who are always there for each other when we need each other.

This does not mean our life is peachy, far from it.

We have faced the death of my father, the chronic illness of my mother, and various other illnesses, abandonments,  angers and fears.

But we are still a family. 

Not everyone will be spending this Christmastime with families related to us by blood.

Our pets, friends, romantic partners, strangers and acquaintances can be our family – because guess what, the whole planet and everything on it is our family.

Can you be more loving with yourself today? At this time many of us find difficult? 


Much love Txx



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