Thank You…For Unconditional Love



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I almost called this blog post:

“Thank you for Jesus Christ”

But I thought this might be off putting to those that don’t believe in Jesus, and I want this to reach as many people as possible regardless of faith or belief.

I do believe in Jesus, and although I don’t really believe he was born on this day, or that it even matters – I do believe he walked this earth to teach us about love. 

So today, on what is religiously his day – I want to thank him for the gift of unconditional love.

We see this love mostly in the eyes of parents when they look at their children, we manifest this love in romantic relationships if we are lucky enough to have a lover who truly honors us.

Some of us may love friends, and siblings in an unconditional way – but this is not always guaranteed.

It is natural for us to have conditions, like:

“cheat on me and I walk…”


But if we believe in the love of a higher power, we truly have a love that is unconditional.

If we believe we are worthy of this, we can love ourselves complete with flaws, and will be more open to loving others the same – even if we don’t keep them in our lives.

This higher power is the spirit that runs through all of us. 

Today, whatever you are doing, I hope you get to feel even an ounce of that love, however it shows up in your life.


Merry Christmas, Happy holidays and so much love Txx


ps…As I was writing this post, Archangel Chamuel came in to ask me to write a little bit about how you can welcome more love into your lives at this time

Archangel Chamuel is the Archangel of love represented by the color pink, Rose quartz Crystals and all things rich in loving emotion.

She says:

“Love yourself first without condition and see all the ways in which we will bring similar love into your life.

It is in the quietest and sweetest moments that you experience this – no grand gestures, just peace.

Watch out for the grace of others as you go about your day this day, and everyday.

Cultivate the love you wish to see.

We love you.”

Angels. x

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