Thank You…For Signs, Symbols And Safety

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A couple of nights ago I experienced what felt like a terrifying incident in the middle of the night.

I have since understood what happened, but I also realized that I had received warnings of the occurrence many times before it happened.

I saw little black spots out of the corner of my eye, and spilled water unexpectedly.

As someone who tries to remain as grounded as possible, especially now that I do so much otherworldly work – I know that these two things were omens that something was up.

I felt it so much that I went to sleep with the light on in my corridor, and my salt lamp still lit beside my bed.

That did not stop it happening anyway as it was completely out of my control – a bit like the water spilling.

I appear to have Astral Projected spontaneously and as I was not prepared for this to happen, I ‘met’ a low vibration being.

I was petrified, and instantly called on Spirit for help, who pulled me out and away into a woke state.

I was experiencing sleep paralysis at the time, and the exact words I used in my mind were:

“Jehovah of light and love”

I am so grateful to Spirit for being there, and I am also so thankful that I was warned before hand.

If this had all happened in the pitch black it would have been even worse, so I am thankful that through signs and symbols I was guided to keep the light on.

So a bit of a heavy one today, but I am still processing this!

Have you ever been warned by deep intuition, or signs and symbols, that  something was going to happen before it did?

Have you ever called on Spirit, regardless of if you even belief in It or not, and been heard?

I was amazed that I could feel so much love, among so much fear.


Much love Txx

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