Thank You…For Life In All It’s Messy Glory

photo of paint splatter artwork

Photo by Steve Johnson on




It is the last few days of my “Thank You” posts (I am blogging once a day about something I am thankful for all the way until New Year) and I am getting increasingly reflective.

This year has been one that has pushed me out of my comfort zone repeatedly.

It is a year where I have opened up my heart again, and risked rejection.

It is a year where I have made mistakes, and tried to make amends.

It is a year much like all the others – only in the fact that it was full of 365 days.

In those days I have continued to evolve, and make changes in my life that I never truly thought I would.

At times this year has been messy.

I have been embarrassed this year on many occasions, I have lost my temper, I have cried.

But this is life right? In all its messy glory?

And I am Thankful for it.

Much love Txx

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