Thank You…For Angelic Presence


(Christmas Lights on Regents Street, London – Photo taken from Time out via Google images)


Today I just want to say Thank You for the Angels.

Sometimes I feel their presence strongly in everyday life, and it feels like they are all around me in every moment.

When I sit to write this, I feel completely surrounded by Angelic presence.

It’s subtle but its loud all at the same time.

I feel cocooned, and guided, and safe.

I feel relaxed, almost like I am gliding through my day.

Its a truly wonderful feeling.

In this state I haven’t got much to write!

I am aware that when this is published it will be New Year’s Eve, and most of us will be reflecting on the year gone past.

The feeling I feel, is almost of the calm before the storm.

The energies of 2019 are already upon us in actuality, and today is a highly spiritual one, no wonder the Angels have come in to help me rest.

The New Year will bring with it new challenges and great potential rewards.

Enjoy this lull.

Much love Txx

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