The Yoga Oracle – Day 2: Building Your Dreams




So it is January and I have begun my usual tradition of following Yoga With Adriene’s  30 Day Yoga Journey, freely available on You Tube.

This year’s theme is “Dedicate”, and so I want to dedicate the month of January to sharing with you the Yoga Practice I have done the day before, alongside an Oracle Card from my newest deck, The Spirit Animal Oracle Deck, by Colette Baron Reid. 

Together, I am hoping these will prove inspiring posts to help us all transition into this New Year. 

You can do the Yoga practice if you fancy it, or simply read the oracle’s message.

Yoga for me is about exercise, grounding and spirituality.

It forms a large part of my life alongside meditation and psychic work – so here goes…


The Yoga Oracle – Day 2



Today’s practice is titled Foundation. 

Are the foundations of your life sturdy?

Perhaps you are thinking of improving your foundations through a better job, or a new home.

This practice will help you to feel the strength you hold in your own body, enlightening you to the force within that can build a life on solid foundations, creating the ultimate in growth and abundance.

The oracle card I have pulled for us today is Electric Eel Spirit:



Building solid foundations in life enables us to make our dreams a reality. 

This card today is talking to me about that electricity you feel when you are on the right path, that passion and adrenaline that pushes you forwards on your chosen road, fueling you to make things happen.

This feels like it is in direct contrast to yesterday’s message about slowing down – however it is not a contradiction at all.

Electric Eel Spirit is not about forcing anything – it is simply about allowing things to come into fruition that want to- the driving force is the energy that is already present, there is no need for you to do anything other than acknowledge, accept and appreciate.


Oh yeah and don’t run away from it!


Sometimes the enery of Electric Eel can feel overwhelming.

When we have slowed down and connected to ourselves it is impossible not to discern the next action/event on our individual journeys.

This is powerful knowledge and we may not feel ready for it.

Know that by allowing this electricity to run through us and manifest externally – we are creating our dreams.

Much love Txx


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