Yoga Oracle 5: In the Flow



So it is January and I have begun my usual tradition of following Yoga With Adriene’s  30 Day Yoga Journey, freely available on You Tube.

This year’s theme is “Dedicate”, and so I want to dedicate the month of January to sharing with you the Yoga Practice I have done the day before, alongside an Oracle Card from my newest deck, The Spirit Animal Oracle Deck, by Colette Baron Reid. 

Together, I am hoping these will prove inspiring posts to help us all transition into this New Year. 

You can do the Yoga practice if you fancy it, or simply read the oracle’s message.

Yoga for me is about exercise, grounding and spirituality.

It forms a large part of my life alongside meditation and psychic work – so here goes…

 Yoga Oracle – Day 5



Today’s practice is called Flow – it is a Vinyassa practice designed to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping.

I love Vinyassa and this practice flew by.

The card I pulled after was perfect:



Frog Spirit reminds us that in order to feel in the flow of our lives, we will have to let go of what is no longer working.

Frog wants us to clear out the clutter physically, emotionally and mentally in order to allow the energy to flow through our lives for the best of us.

Are you ready to flow?

Have you cleared out any outdated beliefs and limitations that may be holding you back?

The Capricorn New Moon we are experiencing at the moment is all about getting organised as much as it is about letting go of limiting beliefs.

Today’s message is a follow on from that.

Let go and let flow.

Much love Txx

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