Yoga Oracle 6: Self-Respect


So it is January and I have begun my usual tradition of following Yoga With Adriene’s  30 Day Yoga Journey, freely available on You Tube.

This year’s theme is “Dedicate”, and so I want to dedicate the month of January to sharing with you the Yoga Practice I have done the day before, alongside an Oracle Card from my newest deck, The Spirit Animal Oracle Deck, by Colette Baron Reid. 

Together, I am hoping these will prove inspiring posts to help us all transition into this New Year. 

You can do the Yoga practice if you fancy it, or simply read the oracle’s message.

Yoga for me is about exercise, grounding and spirituality.

It forms a large part of my life alongside meditation and psychic work – so here goes…

 Yoga Oracle – Day 6


Today’s practice is all about our core stability – anyone who follows Adriene, will know that day 6 is always about the abs!

For the first time in the 4/5 years of doing this 30 day journey I didn’t find day 6 so hard! Yay me!

The strength that this practice cultivates is not just about the body, but the mind.

This is further reflected by Dolphin Spirit coming up for the second time this week:


It’s always interesting when a card comes up multiple times in a short space of time, the message is often slightly different.

Today we are being called to focus on the core of our very beings and to admire and respect ourselves for the strength we all exhibit in different ways.

In this way it is also about self-respect. 

How can we be free to flow if we do not have respect for our core being?

This is about authenticity and connection to our true self.

Can you respect yourself today? Wherever you are at?

Much love Txx

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