Yoga Oracle 8: Time-Out



So it is January and I have begun my usual tradition of following Yoga With Adriene’s  30 Day Yoga Journey, freely available on You Tube.

This year’s theme is “Dedicate”, and so I want to dedicate the month of January to sharing with you the Yoga Practice I have done the day before, alongside an Oracle Card from my newest deck, The Spirit Animal Oracle Deck, by Colette Baron Reid. 

Together, I am hoping these will prove inspiring posts to help us all transition into this New Year. 

You can do the Yoga practice if you fancy it, or simply read the oracle’s message.

Yoga for me is about exercise, grounding and spirituality.

It forms a large part of my life alongside meditation and psychic work – so here goes…

 Yoga Oracle – Day 8



Today it hit me that I have been practicing yoga for 8 continuous days now!

I woke up this morning feeling pretty tired, and was happy to find that today’s practice was a slow and quiet movement meditation – exactly what I needed.

It provides a space to look inwards whilst lovingly moving your body in tune with a more gentler pace.

Completely compatible with this energy was the card I pulled for today – Brown Bear Spirit:


Bear is urging us to take time out today.

In fact for this first week of January the energies have been a lot about taking it easy, taking it slowly and entering into the flow of our lives.

The energy for 2019 is ripe for taking control of important parts of our life and seeing some real shifts.

This first week or so of cards and yoga practice, have reminded us that our goals can only be achieved by balancing activity out with periods of rest. 

Brown Bear Spirit is a number 9 card, corresponding to the number 9 in Tarot.

The No.9 Major Arcana Tarot card is The Hermit – a card urging us to slow down and look inwards, often calling for us to be alone as we go through periods of introspection.

The Hermit and The Bear both promise us that after periods of reflection and seeking answers within, we will emerge ready to take action.

Are you feeling these deeply grounding energies at the moment?

Do you have some inner work to do?

Well know that at this time (as always) you are fully supported by the Universe.

Much love Txx

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