A Sunday Oracle

So hello my beautiful readers!

After the last Yoga Oracle I ended up with too much of a cold to practice, and so spent yesterday and today resting up.

I will be back in the next couple of days with Yoga Oracle once more. (I will simply pick up from where I left off.)

In the meantime, I thought we could all do with a little message from the spirit animals for the next few days.

The card I pulled is:


I will quote directly from the book today –


Balance comes easily to Flamingo Spirit, who sees what was and what will be and stands strong in the face of uncertainty. You can be informed by what came before and plan for a future yet to be, but do not resist Flamingo’s Spirit’s call to be fully present in the now, where the real magic happens. 

With one foot in the life you are moving away from and one in the future as you become the one who leads the life of your highest intentions, you must make peace with the fact that you are not fully in either place. Embrace the in-between!

The presence of Flamingo Spirit is also a sign that your creativity is arising within you and opportunities are beginning to present themselves. Remain here in the balanced state of mind, for there is much to know and learn before going forward with new plans. 

You can trust this moment and yourself as you take in what you see and become aware of all that you are experiencing in this in-between time. 


By Colette Baron Reid, Spirit Animal Oracle. 


Much love, and enjoy the start of your week.


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