Mid-Week Oracle – The Best Laid Plans

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So the best laid plans hey?!

Despite my absolute best intentions to do a Yoga practice everyday for 30 days AND an Oracle card to go with it, my body had other ideas.

I am currently full of cold, but it’s not a bad one – I’m still able to do my regular day to day activities, but I am factoring in a whole lot more rest, and so daily yoga is not a priority at the moment.

 This is completely ok.

Yoga for me is not about getting a certain type of body.

I don’t do Yoga for fashion – I do Yoga for me.

The very essence of Yoga is not found on a mat, it follows me around everyday in my actual being.

So this little cold got me thinking. 

I need to be a little bit more sustainable with my goals, especially as we all know how prone I am to burning out.

So Yoga Oracle will come as/when I feel up to doing it – I will finish the 30 day journey but it may well take me far longer than actually 30 days, and that is fine too.

Today we have a mid-week oracle for us all – I felt like pulling one last night as I settled in for a night of goal setting and planning. (More of that to come in a future post.)

It was just the energy that I have been feeling:


(Antelope Spirit, Spirit Animal Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid)


Life is indeed speeding up, and that may be causing some of us to do the exact opposite – slow down!

As we race towards the second eclipse of the year on 21st January, a Super Moon total eclipse – energy is getting intense!

Sensitives like you and me, will be feeling these energies already.

I’m here to tell you its ok to take a time out, to revise plans, to say no.

This year will fly by as fast as all the other years, and if we don’t consciously make time to stop, we will miss all the moments we wish to savour.

I tell you what I would love to do this weekend – get out for a walk, hopefully I will get to share some pictures of that with you.

Can you spend some time in nature over the next few days? It truly is the best way to restore yourself.

I am also really drawn to the number 2 on this card – don’t forget to spend time with your support systems too, the people who lift you up and make you feel good.

Much love always Txx

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