Something Special

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I have recently begun something special and just for me.

It’s a system of support, through a wonderful online community to help me reach my goals, both materially and spiritually.

I’m not going to go into it in any detail on this blog, because I think you will find it/ something similar when you are ready.

I give a lot of energy out, and so this something special is simply to replenish and help me.

There are a lot of things I want to accomplish in my life, both materially and spiritually.

This year I realised that the only way for me to do that is through setting sustainable goals, enjoying regular periods of rest, and surrounding myself with truly loving and supportive people. 

I feel so much gratitude for having reached this level of understanding.

These things may sound simple, but for me, at this point in my life they are groundbreaking, and will prove to be utterly life-changing.

I’m wondering if you have any goal setting strategies in place?

I’m wondering if you spend time planning and thinking about what you want your life to look like this year/5 years/10 years, and getting real in bite-sized ways about what it will take to get you there?

You will see the benefits of this something special on the blog, because hopefully my posts will go from strength to strength as I start to really live my life in a more focused and productive way.

Thank you for also being my something special, I hope you get something good from every post I write/you read.

Much love Txx

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