A (Little) Note About Tomorrow’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Leo : Illumination


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Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com



Tomorrow night here in the UK we will see January’s second eclipse, this time a total lunar eclipse falling in the fire sign of Leo.

The sign of passion and determination, Leo is also all about the brighter side of life.

It is represented by many cards in the Tarot, including The Sun, but the ‘official’ Major Arcana card for Leo is the Strength Card:



(Strength, Rider Waite Smith Tarot)

This card usually shows up when we need to – you guessed it –  show some strength.

Perhaps we have been battling with something – strength gives us the courage to persevere.

Strength is also about coming face to face with our inner demons, all those things that have been holding us back.

At this time of the powerful Full Moon Eclipse we may start to really see, in the clearest way ever, exactly what has been keeping us stuck.

This is a potentially very illuminating time when we can make great headway in the direction we want our lives to take.

I say potentially, because this could also be quite a worrying time for many.

Coming face to face with the things that have been holding us back can be pretty confronting and triggering for some. This may cause conflict with others, and even just turmoil within ourselves.

Strength reminds us to be gentle, it is a young bride that holds onto the lion’s mouth.

This time is about facing what you need to face, in a loving way.

Good luck!

Much love Txx

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