Last Night’s Meditation: Abundance

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A few nights I lay down for a guided meditation in order to find my power word for 2019.

(That word is Abundance by the way.)

Whilst I lay there, listening and following along with the recording, I felt my angelic team work on healing my body – they explained to me that there were problems related to my lower abdomen.

A few days later I remembered to look up what chakra this relates to, and it was amazing what I found out.

The lower abdomen region is the area of our sacral chakra, the area that relates to our sensuality, our relationships, money and nurturing to name just a few.

If this area is blocked we may see some issues showing up in related life areas. 

As all of our chakras work together, sometimes this area can become blocked due to problems in our root chakra, which may have followed us around since we incarnated in our family of origin.

This article explains all of this far better than I could, and I thank the writer for all her glorious information.

You see, what I have come to realize is that Abundance, the word that came to me in meditation, directly correlates to our sacral chakra.

Abundance begins with how much pleasure we feel comfortable receiving. 

Read that sentence above back again – it is so important.

Peeling an orange can be pleasurable, having a massage can be pleasurable, an extra hour in bed is pleasurable.

Yet so many of us forget to truly feel these things, or even worse feel guilty for the joy they give us/the money we spend on them or for lazing around whilst we see so much struggling and suffering.

But is is truly important for us to recognize our abundance life in every moment, feel gratitude for it, and welcome more in.

Much love Txx


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