Love Lightly

The card below is my guiding card for the year of 2019.

I completed a year ahead spread for myself and the energy of the Knight Of Cups came out as the overall direction and purpose of this year.

The Knight Of Cups is a Knight that loves lightly.

Where the Knight Of Wands in Tarot can be rash, the Knight Of Pentacles slow and heavy, the Knight Of Swords downright agressive – this Knight that rides with a cup of love is all about moving forward softly.

He has his boundaries but he is fully open to giving and receiving love.

Last night it dawned on me that this Knight knows how to love without expectation.

The energy of this card feels so unbelievably pure and innocent.

There’s a naievity that’s admirable because it’s teamed with realism.

This Knight has been through some stuff but he’s still willing to be open.

This Knight reminds me of myself.

In this one card I am being urged to move forward in life with an open and willing heart.

To face whatever love comes my way without the attachment that usually accompanies.

That age old saying about setting free the thing you love?

It’s so true.

We don’t have ownership over the people we love.

To love is to allow people to be free.

This Knight knows that offering love is no guarantee that it will be accepted – and that is ok.

The loving is in the act of offering.

So love lightly this week if you can.

Allow others to be who they are and respect their choices and decisions.

Let’s all be like the Knight Of Cups, who gives and receives in one motion.

Lots of love Txx

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