Last Night’s Meditation: On Top Of The World

Last night meditation took me straight to the clouds.

I closed my eyes and felt the sensation of being lifted up.

I don’t always see colour when I meditate but I occasionally do.

Last night I was surrounded by white, then red, orange then green.

I spoke to my spirit guide who told me:

Life is not just about making the right decisions, you’ve got to live It.

What does this mean?

In the moment it felt like pure bliss, as though every perceived mistake I’d ever made was not a mistake at all.

Upon reflection it feels more like an instruction to stick to my guns.

You see in all the floaty wonder I experienced last night, there was a strong message of control.

I spent 30 minutes with my head in the clouds and when my alarm went off I was jolted back to reality.

And I felt strong, as though I’d received a heavy dose of strength.

In fact that’s exactly what happened.

I felt balanced out.

Life is not just about making the right decisions, you’ve got to live it.

Where have you been so intent on taking the right steps that you’ve forgotten that life has it’s own rythmn?

That all of your plans are simply drops in a puddle compared to what you cannot control?

Scary right?

Except that it’s not.

Last Night’s Meditation was a message all about trust, you’ve got this, even when it doesn’t feel like you do.

Along with this space of universe we occupy, you are co creating your reality.

I don’t usually write such ethereal messages but last night I went to the top of the world and peered down.

What do you think I saw?

Each one of us doing the absolute best with what we have been given.

Much love Txx

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