Other People’s Anger

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The other day in my professional life, someone did something that could have been seen as undermining me.

Another person commiserated with me over it, and I had to explain that actually it had made no impact on me at all.

I live my life more and more in a way now where I understand that other people’s stuff is simply that: other people’s stuff.

It’s not my problem.

I carry this realization with me in all of my relationships, personal as well.

If someone is coming at me in a way that is questionable by my standards – I understand that it is not my problem.

What it is, is a chance for me to assess if it triggered anything in me, deal with that if so,  or recognize that it is simply not my thing to deal with.

I am done taking on the unresolved anger of others.

I know that I live my life every single day intentionally being kind and loving to everyone I meet.

If you are trying to throw your anger at me – I will treat it like a round of dodge ball and step aside.

Much love Txx

2 thoughts on “Other People’s Anger

  1. Love this! I rarely win the game of dodgeball but I’m going to try to use that image the next time I find myself in one of these situations ☺

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