How To Deal With Mondays

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So I am a sensitive person, you must have gathered that by now if this is not your first post of mine!

I feel absolutely everything and have worked very hard to keep that part of me under control.

When I am writing this blog, or conducting a spiritual reading for someone, I come into that energy.

When I am just travelling to work or simply out and about, I try and keep it relatively shut down.

However I am a psychic person and I can never shut it down completely.

Hence this post – how to deal with Mondays.

I have been lucky enough to work part time a lot in my life, and often have not had to work Mondays.

At the moment I am working full time and the energy of Monday completely baffles me.

Yep – everyday has an energy and you can imagine what Monday’s feels like!

Everyone is so gloomy and angry!

People have their head down, people are irate.

As if they resent having to be out in the world after a weekend of fun.

Or perhaps their weekend was not fun. Perhaps it was busy and now they have to be busy again and blah blah blah…

I am an optimistic person and I think Monday is much the same as any other day – a chance to live your life as best as possible.

However we all coexist on this earth plane together and so the people who hate Mondays, and the people who don’t mind Mondays will sometimes annoy each other.

How to minimise this annoyance?

  • Do your favourite thing on a Monday – this could be anything you really enjoy, cook/eat your favorite meal. Schedule an evening out with a friend, have a tasty lunch at work. Make Monday something to look forward to.
  • Ease into the week – Don’t hit the ground running, no matter what anyone tells you. Ease yourself in, take it slow on a Monday. You have just come out of a weekend where you were either very busy or very relaxed it makes no sense to then charge into the week ahead. Slow it down. Do this by making sure you have time for tea in the morning, by leaving a little earlier for work so you don’t have to rush, by practicing yoga or meditation before you leave the house – start your Monday purposefully.
  • Honor Monday in much the same way we honor the start of the year, or the start of a season, it is the beginning of new week, this is a new chance to do better, to have things improve, to see better things in your life.

Good luck!

Much love Txx

5 thoughts on “How To Deal With Mondays

  1. I’m lucky enough to go to a meditation class on a Monday morning. Just for an hour but it makes such a difference to my week. Blessings.

  2. I’m not gonna lie .. Mondays have really kind of sucked for me over these past couple of months just because I KNOW it’s the beginning of a very LONG stressful work week but then I have to fix my PERSPECTIVE … it’s not always that bad because new weeks mean I get to work on new goals !! A new week means I’m a week closer to getting to where I’m trying to go 🙌🏽 this is a great post and I really enjoyed reading it ! The title had me at hello ☺️

    I’d love to connect with you here in the wonderful world of blogosphere! Here’s my most recent post if you’d like to come over and read ! 💕

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