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Yesterday something happened that left me feeling all kinds of tingly for a very long time.

I have recently moved to the north of England from London, and have been struggling to find the right kind of psychic development group up here to support me in my spiritual work.

In a random google search I found an event happening this Saturday that sounds tailor made. 

Not only is it happening on a day I had blocked out my Calendar for me-time, the cost of the whole day workshop is on sale for £20 (down from £150) to fill the last spaces.

As if this wasn’t synchronicity enough the event is only open to certain people – but I booked on not knowing this, so will be allowed to attend. 

I am being very cryptic about this ‘event’ aren’t I?

I will let you all know what it was like, after I have attended.

It just seemed to fall out of the sky at a time when I needed it the most, and that is what I wanted to write about today.

When the right thing, or person just seems to land in your life, it is always for a reason.

You know this situation/person is right for you because things will seemingly just fall into place super easily.

You won’t be able to get rid of this person/this situation will just seem so damn convenient and positive that you will have to just go with it.

I almost wrote a post a few days ago about dealing with doubt, and crises of faith on this spiritual path I walk along.

Yesterday I got my confirmation that faith brings miracles. 

Much love Txx


3 thoughts on “Synchronicity

  1. I very much identify with your “all kinds of tingly” feeling. Sometimes the really strong synchronicities send my heart pumping wildly, too, and leave me out of breath. Even for those of us who, like you, are very familiar with the spiritual realms, it’s a powerful thing to see that influence so concretely in front of you, in a way that has the potential to change your life. These experiences are such gifts! Now I’m going to go read your account of the workshop…

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