beautiful bird bloom blossom

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com



I’ve come back to London for the week, to spend some time with my family and to reconnect with myself.

I have had a busy start to the year, and booked a week off to rest and catch my breath a little.

Have any of you felt how high energy 2019 has begun?

So much momentum!

So it is important to consciously stop and asses how you are feeling.

When I got back to my neighborhood last night, I observed how my feet have memorised each step to my front door.

I noted how no matter how far I come in myself and in my life, coming home is like a warm blanket whose holes you know by heart.

I am lucky enough to have a decent sized garden at my home in London, and as I write this I can hear all the birds that populate it chirping and welcoming me back with their song.

From my bedroom window I can see smoke rising from surrounding houses as people use hot water and central heating.

I can hear the hum of traffic, road works and the occasional over line train.

I’ve nothing to do today apart from go to the dentist and pick up some gluten free, vegetarian food. (I eat a little differently from my family)

I plan to savour this week, and connect with the people I love.

Much love Txx

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