How I Suddenly Realized I Was Getting Exactly What I Want


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One of the first things that happened when I began to awaken to my spiritual path is that I saw repeating number sequences commonly known as Angel Numbers.

The first set I saw was 1111.

I could never quite understand what this particular sequence meant for me.

It always seemed to be related to matters of the heart,  but often in the exact opposite of the way in which I wanted.

Repeating number 1s are a symbol that your thoughts are manifesting, that the Angels and your spiritual team are helping to make your thoughts a reality.

If you are attuned to receiving messages from your Angels this way, you will hold a deep knowing as to what a number sequence is trying to tell you.

Seeing 111, 1111, 11  for me, is a message that I am in the process of getting what I want.

However what will almost immediately show up for  me when I see this number is the opposite of what I want.

For instance years ago,  on a day in which I saw these numbers on everything from doors to bins, the man I was seeing broke up with me.

I didn’t want that,  but I had been thinking about how much I wanted a long term relationship, and him exiting my life made room for that. (I already knew deep down that he would never be the one in that sense.)

So you see, now I understand what 111s are all about for me.

They are warnings about upcoming challenges that will ultimately lead to exactly what I want.

I finally understood this the other day.

My thoughts are far more attuned to my reality than they ever have been. I know now what it is I want, and I realised that my reality is matching up to that, even if it does not look the way I had hoped right now.

To receive confirmation that what I want is manifesting, helped me to intuit practical next steps that I could physically make, or indeed not make.

It is in this way that I saw tangible evidence of what co-creation with the universe is all about.

It is by no means always easy, but perhaps I am a better manifestor than I ever gave myself credit for.

Much Love Txx

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