Be Careful Not To Go Too Fast



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One of the primary ways in which I receive information from spirit is through clairaudience.

This means that when I am in a certain vibration, ready to conduct psychic or medium work I will often hear something inside my mind, external from myself.

When we sleep or are in deep meditation, we are in an altered state naturally, and so I also often hear clairaudient messages in dreams and upon waking.

Last night I woke up with a song by Mis-Teeq, (a British girl band) playing in my mind –  specifically the line:

“Be careful not to go too fast.”

-Lyric from All I want by Mis-Teeq

So today I have a message for you regarding this.

I know what this meant for me personally, but it may mean different things to different people.

This is a warning to not get carried away with something that may feel so great, that all you want to do is throw yourself into it.

It is a message about being patient and understanding that all good and solid things take time to truly come into being.

It is also telling us to make sure we take the time we need to rest and recuperate regularly so as to not burn out.

We are also urged to savor each moment, so we can really enjoy what life may be bringing us at this time.

So slow down!

Time is not running out.

Can you be gentle with yourself this weekend and simply try not to do as much as you would usually?

This will help you to really wake up to wonderful things in your life, that are here right now.

Much love Txx

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