An Oracle For March

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What soft energy February ushered in with – and it passed by so quickly!

In the north of England where I live, we started last month blanketed in snow, and left with uncharacteristically warm weather.

I felt thankful for a warm house, warm food and hot drinks.

I feel thankful now for brighter days and evenings.

I am mindful of all those that feel there is not much to be thankful for.

I am mindful of all of us, and our circumstances in-between.

Sometime I feel sad that the world is not without suffering, but then I feel glad that I am able to come here to this blog on a regular basis, and share a little bit of peace and joy.

So today I thought I would pull an Oracle Card for all of us, to welcome in the energies of March 2019.

The start of this year has been intense – so much change.

It really feels as though we have hit the ground running, and I cannot believe that we are in the third month already!

Many view this time of year, certainly into April and Easter time, as the real New Year.

We see it in flowers beginning to bloom, and robins fluttering about the garden.

We see it in the story of Jesus and his rebirth, in the pagan symbol of the hare, and in Goddesses of Fertility – all associated with this time of the year.

The Astrological sign of Aries starting from March 21st-April 19th is associated with the Major Arcana Card of The Fool – the very first card in the Tarot, and whose journey the Tarot is in fact all about.

The Fool is a symbol of new beginnings.

Things begin again in Spring.

When I closed my eyes preparing to pull a card for us, I heard the word Fireworks – So expect big things this March, expect moments of celebration, and moments of clarity and joy.

There could be love at first sight for some of us, with a person, a thing, pet or situation.


Right so the card I pulled is:


(Ride the Wave, Enchanted Map Oracle card by Colette Baron Reid. Image from


It is with a little bit of discomfort that I have to admit I was resistant when I saw this card.

I am so used to bringing you messages about how to overcome challenges, that when I felt the energy of this card I was quite taken aback.

The only challenge present in this card, is that which we have already overcome. The challenge is – can we see, accept and enjoy what looks set to be a wonderful and playful month?

It reminds us that any challenges that may show themselves in the month of March will be easy to rise above.

In fact, I would go one step further and say the inherent message is that because of all the hard times we may have faced in the past, we are completely equipped to deal with anything that may come our way in the future.

With the understanding that we have the ability to thrive, comes so much freedom!

Freedom to play! Freedom to sit back and be grateful.

Freedom to enjoy the fireworks when they arrive…

Happy start of Spring!


Much love Txx

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