The Yoga and Spirit Animal Oracle 12 – You Choose


So it’s been absolutely ages since I last practiced Yoga – approximately 4 weeks!

Though as I was practicing, and as I am writing this, I wonder why I feel the need to count?

There was a time, many years ago when I didn’t practice yoga at all, so why beat myself up about taking breaks from what is now truly a solid part of my life?

We push ourselves so much in this society, and I often don’t realise how much I do too, until I sit down to write my blog, or take time to really just stop.

This weekend I took time out for myself, and it felt like a victory because I did it before getting ill and my body forced me to.

I decided a couple of weeks ago when I was feeling particularly stressed and tired with work, that I needed to really pace myself more and get plenty of downtime.

I have prioritized eating breakfast in the morning, or a lie in instead of yoga, and that is totally OK.

I love an at home yoga practice for many reasons, but perhaps the top reason is that I hate how competitive classes can be – so why on earth have I been competing with myself?!

I do not live a sedentary life by any stretch of the imagination, and I have always had very good body image – yet I still sometimes get caught up in the things we have been sold by advertisements, and think I need to be doing more.

So this practice was perfect really.

I am still completing the 30 day challenge, at my own pace and today I hit day 12 – titled Curate:

This practice was all about how we curate our own experiences in life. We are the only ones who have power over what we think and feel about ourselves – no one else.

This was perfectly complimeted by the card I pulled to accompany the practice:


(Scarab Beetle Spirit, The Spirit Animal Oracle Deck by Colette Baron Reid)

As it says on the card

“Magic works through you”

Each day is a chance for internal and external transformation, and we get to control the pace of this by how we show up.

The magic is simply in showing up!

Much love Txx

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