Spiritual Fasting

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So I used to be that girl who thought it absolutely impossible to fast (go without food) for any real length of time.

I LOVE food. Those that know me, know that I believe food to be one of the greatest pleasures in life, and though I try to eat healthily, I also eat heartily!

I have a friend who is Muslim, who fasts regularly for Ramadan. I also know that many Christians fast during Lent.

I have always admired this, but thought something like that would be impossible for me.

Yet as I began my spiritual awakening, I learnt to listen to my body, and a few times a year, it literally screams at me to take a food break.

It always coincides with a New or Full Moon, and I intuitively know it is linked to my processes of letting go and moving forward.

I have felt very reluctant to really talk about this to people, as it can be quite a controversial topic.

Note: I am not fasting for weight loss. This is a spiritual fast. 

I fast in order to reset my digestive system, and therefore give my brain time to think of other things than food.

I fast because I believe it helps with meditation and yoga to not be full.

I never fast for longer than 24 hours and I drink water and black tea without sugar whenever I want.

I don’t go a single day without at least one meal – this time I fasted from 8pm on a Saturday night(After having eating normally for the whole day)  – 8pm on the Sunday night, I had a light dinner of fruit and soup at that point.

If I really need it, I eat fruit and veg through the fast too.

The main aim is just to give my body a break from heavy digestion in order to focus on my spirituality.

Last weekend I felt called to fast, and I realised something else.

Fasting is actually a kind of meditation.

Observing the discomfort of hunger and letting the pangs come and go, is very similar to observing discomfort when we sit for long periods of meditation.

This kind of controlled and temporary suffering, helps us to remember that unfortunately hunger and other types of suffering exist in this world and is the reality for many.

It is a kind of solidarity with all those who suffer, which of course is all of us.

I broke the fast with a 20 minute meditation and prayer of love and protection for all those in my life.

It was with so much gratefulness that I broke my fast with an apple.


Much love Txx


ps: This is not a recommendation that you fast too, this is a personal and spiritual choice that I make, this choice is grounded in religious principles of sacrifice and surrender.

pps: Please don’t fast if you have any kind of health condition that could make it harmful to you – always check with a doctor


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Fasting

  1. I am very curious about fasting and had an inadvertent experience with this about 16 month ago when I had an appendicitis and fasted for 40 hours. After that, I experimented with some fasts of 18-20 hours once a week and I found that, although I felt some hunger, mostly I felt mental clarity and relief (probably a clearing of the digestion). I am thinking I may do this again, once a week. When I do this for spiritual reasons, and as a way to experience the mild discomfort of paying attention to my hunger signals, it feels incredibly liberating. Thanks for your reflection on this, I appreciate learning about your experiences with fasting as a spiritual practice.

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