A Weekend Message From The Tarot – Making Things Right


Firstly…I have a new deck!

I was wandering around Covent Garden at Christmastime, and I stumbled upon Tattoo Tarot by MEGAMUNDEN and Diana Mcmahon Collis, in a random gift shop.

It was not the deck that I was after that day. (I was in fact after the Spirit Animal Oracle Deck that I now use for the Yoga Oracle.)

I hadn’t brought a new Tarot deck in a long time, as the Rider Waite Smith is my absolute favourite, and nothing else truly speaks to me in that way.

Until this deck spoke to me.

I didn’t buy it on the day, but it stayed on my mind – and last week I got it!

Today, I am going to pull a card from this new deck of mine, to provide us with a little weekend message.

The card that presented itself for all of us this weekend is the card of Justice:


If like me, you have faced some conflict in your life recently, Justice speaks of reconciliation.

The scales that we see are representative of balance and fairness.

Justice is depicted as a woman, and that is because traditional feminine qualities of empathy and compassion are highlighted now, mixed with a heavy dose of strength.

Justice reminds us that it is OK to show anger, especially when it is about what we believe is right, however she warns us not to get so hung up on who/what is right that we forget her overall message – forgiveness.

The judicial system is ultimately about rehabilitation, we suffer the consequences of our actions in the hope that we won’t do the same thing again.

Unfortunately the justice system often fails, and unfortunately we often repeatedly hurt those we care about the most.

This weekend, we are being asked to soften up and forgive those who have done us wrong, is there a conversation you need to have? Are there amends you need to make?

Do you simply need to keep your energy open to receive this from another? 

It is no coincidence that the Full Moon coming up next week will be in the sign of Libra, the very astrological sign that this card represents – I told you I was Moon sensitive!

The energy of the Moon is already upon me, and therefore it is already upon you, even if you don’t realise it.

Libra is the sign most concerned with partnership.

Those who find themselves  born under a Libra sun will naturally gravitate towards relationships more than others.

This weekend and leading up to the Full Moon on the 21st, we are being asked to focus on and be concerned with our connections with others.

Remember that Justice reminds us to keep things fair and balanced, make sure that you work towards a win-win situation in any disputes.

Make sure you strive for understanding even if there is fundamental discord.

Remember who is important to you in your life, and try to make things right with them.

Much love Txx


ps. This full moon is encouraging us all in maintaining peace, by revealing and encouraging us to speak our truths for the betterment of all.

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