It’s Your Choice

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Sometimes people ask if because I am a Tarot Reader/Psychic/Medium –  am I therefore able to use my intuitive abilities on myself, and pretty much live the perfect life?

Well, um, quick answer would be no, absolutely not!

First, it is notoriously hard to read for one’s self – to be objective when your own emotions are involved is sometimes impossible.

Second, and this is what I want to focus on in this post, the free will of myself and others around me, impact events all the time.

A sensible Tarot Reader or Psychic will always let you know that it is impossible to tell you the future with any real certainty.

This is because the outcome will depend on the choices that we make.

As I get older, and hopefully wiser, my abilities become more developed, and the importance of choice becomes even more clear.

Life holds an inherent mystery that can never be solved whilst we reside in human form.

Despite the chats I have with beings from the spirit realms, they will never provide the ultimate answers.

We are not here to receive all the answers,  we are here to learn and experience.

Guidance is what getting any form of energy reading is really all about.

Guidance in helping us make our own choices.

Sometimes two paths will present themselves and it will seem as though one way is clear, yet you feel as though the other way is also important.

Sometimes the harder path will yield more positive results, sometimes not.

Sometimes what is easy is the right path, and sometimes not.

There really is no shortcut, and the more you tap into your intuitive self, the more you realise this.

As a species we are seduced by what feels comfortable.

For our physical bodies, comfort is what helps us grow.

We all need enough food, water and shelter.

For our spiritual and emotional selves it is challenge that helps us grow.

Ever come across someone who has had the most awful things happen to them in life, but appear to be so completely with it?

This is the person who has faced challenges head on and grown through them.

This is the person who makes their own choices.

This is the person who has chosen to let the often awful realities of life, make them wise.

In lots of ways, when faced with a decision, there is no wrong choice.

Things will pan out the way they should for you regardless.

The power is not in making the choice per se, but in living it and absorbing the subsequent consequences ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Basically you have to live life, engage with it fully, make mistakes – but learn from them.

Ride the ups and downs by staying true to yourself.

Don’t hide from what is difficult, and don’t be afraid to seek support when you need it.

Show up everyday, ready for battle, knowing that you have ultimate control over your choices, and if you make the wrong one – you can always choose again.


Lots of love Txx

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