Preparing To Retreat


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I am off on a silent meditation retreat in just over 2 weeks time, and I cannot wait!

I try to go on retreat at least once a year, and I have written about this a lot on the blog.

The last time I went was actually New Year 2018, and so I am long overdue.

In the run up to retreat, I like to increase the amount of time that I meditate in order to prepare, and this year the period leading up to retreat coincides with Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey’s 21 Day Meditation Experience. 

I have written about this experience before as it is such a valuable and amazing free resource of short and effective guided meditations.

The retreat I am attending is a 5 night silent one, my longest silent retreat to date, and I am beyond excited.

The retreat will include yoga and home cooked delicious vegetarian food. (I have been to this retreat center before – both the yoga and the food is great!)

What I want to get out of this retreat is deep rest and rejuvenation – I have had a promising, but  busy start to the year, and really since I last retreated, many things need processing.


5 solid days of silence. 

5 solid days of time in nature.

5 solid days, returning to me. 


Retreat for me is a spiritual practice, I retreat in order to connect closer to God.

That energy that I tap into for Mediumship and Psychic Work.

It is a time in which I replenish that energy, so that I can continue to give when I come back from retreat.

My blog posts may slow down in the run up to retreat, as I tend to slow down on most activities in preparation.

Retreat is always a special time for me, and the preparation I am doing now is almost just as special.

Much love Txx


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